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If you can dream it, we can make it happen.


Escape in a way you have only imagined.
Secret beaches and unique experiences await. Old San Juan is your gateway to fantastic destinations, and adventures 7 days a week. Full day and half day self guided and guided packages will be available to fully explore every angle of Puerto Rico and beyond.

Whether you are looking for some of the best places to play, escape the routine, snorkel, get married, honeymoon, dive the continental shelf or simply unwind on the finest, off the beaten path beach, we will get you there in luxury and style.

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All reservations require credit card and passenger information and will be confirmed via telephone by a Seaplanes in Paradise representative. All prices are per person and do not include sales tax.

The Team & Leadership In Paradise

CEO and founder, Zoltan Cantillo, has been pursuing this Endeavor since 1996 when SIP was first established in San Juan as a result of his MBA in Aviation Management. He Operated sightseeing, adventure day excursions and Charters from Isla Grande Airport with a C-185 Amphibian Aircraft, always dreaming of the day that a location in Old San Juan would become an option.

Mission Statement

Our destinations are unique. A brilliant blend of knowledge, experience, and client relations allows us to serve elite travelers up to the most pristine locales on the planet. Local communities and shareholders alike benefit from our vision for a more sustainable, green earth, while providing exemplary revenues and profitability.


Vision Statement

Deliver value, while exceeding expectations with Integrity. Be a steward for the environment, while remaining flexible and open to change. Encourage and reward "Out of the Box" thinking.

Every Action Taken Matters. Consider the consequences. Be Proactive. Decisions Require Fact. Not Fiction. Always keep a sense of competitive urgency, while creating win-win opportunities.

Environmental Cultural Conservation

  • One of our priorities is to establish ourselves as the leader in the industry in terms of sustainability of the environment, professionalism and excellence. We are therefore committed to making our company culturally and environmentally responsible. Environmental protection and conservation is of the highest priority for our service and part of our planning process.
  • We have established "green" Etiquette for our staff and guests in order to meet and exceed protection standards; promote environmental and cultural sensitivity; and provide a pleasant experience.
  • In a five year study of the environmental effects of Seaplanes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers concluded that Seaplanes have no impact on the quality of: air, water, soil nor wildlife.
  • All fueling operations are performed at airports.
  • Environmental impact is negligible due to the overall quality and Integrity of the aircraft and pilot training. It has a Noise Certificate from EASA and features three EPA firewall cans to collect oil and fuel.
  • Part of our joint collaboration with entities such as San Juan National Historic Site, El Yunque Rainforest and the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources is to distribute educational information which is endorsed by them.
Environmental factsheet